Anyscales Axle Weighing System

Axle Weighing System
1 x Anyscales FM-10t /2 (Single Axle System)   + $10,536.00

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    The AS-WP-10t is a wheel pad weighing system that allows for a single axle to be weighed

    As the controller can save the axle weights - multiple axle weights can be stored to allow for a complete truck to be weighed

    The printout will show individual wheel weights, as well as axle wieghts and total vehicle weight

    More Information
    • Simple weight operation
    • Single operator use

    Truck Axle Weighing System FM10t Brochure

    Number of Wheel Pads 2
    Capacity of Wheel PadS 10 t per Pad
    Axle Limit Even weight distribution - 20 t per Axle
    Pad Sizes Weighing Area/ Pad 419mm x 721mm
    Complete Size/ Pad 722mm x 927mm x 19mm
    Weigh Pad Construction Steel / Aluminum (Painted)
    Display (Weighing Controller) Single Display with Back Light
    Displays the weight and the token for the pad or for the total weight.
    Operation A single button for toggling between the wheel weights
    Printer Single Printer Format with all the wheel weights/ axles and total in one print (refer below)
    Powered a. Mains Powered via power adaptor
    b. Internal Rechargeable Battery
    Housing (Weigh Controller) Aluminum Case (Indicator is housed in Stainlss Steel)
    * As supplied from the factory unless Verified and Verification required a change to factory setting
    ** Please note that this indicates if the unit can be verified within Australia only. This does not state that verification has been performed. Verification is a separate charge.