ANYSCALES FA6000 Series - Bench Scale

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Low Cost Bench Scale. Great for Food Preparation
FA6000 Series Bench Scale

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    This low cost bench scale is an outstanding option for the drier areas in food prep.

    In addition to food prep, this versatile scale is also able to be used heavily in offices for weighing postage and small freight items, as well as by laboratories, during field testing, whom require highly accurate portable scales.

    The series also includes the FA6001 - An exceptionally accurate option for those needing a high capacity: 15 kg x 1 g.

    Note; All versions of the FA series are wipe down only. Not to be used in wet areas.

    More Information
    • Great range of capacity: 6 kg & 15 kg
    • Good size weighing pan: 250mm x 197mm
    • Stainless Steel Pan
    • Bright back light display for low light areas
    • Internal Rechargeable battery with over 40 hours of use in a full charge
    • Display Time Out - can be set by the user to suit specific needs (from 0 mins up to 5 mins)

    FA6000 Series Bench Scale

      FA6000-15kg FA6001-15kg FA6000-S-6kg FA6000-S-15kg
    Weight capacity (kg) 15 15 6 15
    Divisions (g)  * 2 1 1 2
    Work Environment All versions of the FA6000 are wipe down only.  Not to be used in wet areas
    Max. counts 6000 6000 6000 6000
    NMI (Trade) Approved  ** No - Cannot be Trade Approved
    Housing ABS Plastic Stainless Steel
    Display 7 segment LCD display (Character height 20mm) with Back Lighting
    Display update 10 times per second
    Operating temp —10°C~40°C, less than 85% RH (no condensation )
    Power supply AC adapter with Internal Rechargeable Battery
    Battery operating Approximately 40 hours with fully charged Internal Rechargeable Battery
    Weighing pan size 250mm x 197mm Stainless Steel
    Dimension 291(W) x 398(D) x 86(H)mm 
    Weight (approximately) Net: 3.5kg        Gross: 5.1kg
    Supplied    No Assembly Required
    * As supplied from the factory.