Luggage Scales

Luggage Scales

Luggage Scales

Digital Luggage Scales

We’ve all felt it – that dreaded anxiety that comes when your luggage is about to be weighed at the check-in counter at the airport. Going over an airline’s weight limit can result in exorbitant fees, which is why accurate luggage scales are in high demand for travellers. Don’t get caught at the gate with an extra bill! Invest in an affordable, reliable tool before you travel.

Anyscales offers our own LS-003 luggage scale, a fantastic choice for the travel enthusiast looking to prepare for their trip with a quality digital scale. With a 50kg capacity and blue backlit LCD display that is easily read, the LS-003 is a hanging scale that is specifically designed for luggage.

Before you travel, make sure to lighten your load - and use a precise electronic luggage scale to double check before you have to hand in your bags!

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