PH Meters

PH Meters

PH Meters

Digital PH Meters

For industries that need to measure acidity and alkalinity, PH Meters are the standard tools used for testing. Integral laboratory equipment, PH meters are applicable to a wide variety of industries such as medical, agriculture, brewing, chemical, pharmaceutical and, of course, water companies.

From research to safety protocols, a versatile PH meter is indispensable. Thanks to ever-increasing technology and advances in the design of digital equipment, modern meters can also be multi-purpose.

Anyscales stocks a variety of laboratory equipment to suit the needs of any industry that needs them. We carry portable models as well as bench models. Need a multifunction tool? We carry the Ohaus Starter 3100 – capable of measuring ph, conductivity, salinity, TDS (total dissolved solids), and ORP (oxidation reduction potential)!

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