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Stainless Steel Bench Scale

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    The Defender 3000 Series of Bench Scale is ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications when working in a damp environment or when it is essential to thoroughly clean the scale

    The Defender 3000 Series features a simple, yet rugged Stainless Steel design and NEMA 4X/IP65 Stainless Steel indicator with tactile keys, backlit LCD display, and built-in rechargeable battery operation

    *VR models - Pan Size: 355mm x 305mm

    *VL models - Pan Size: 550mm x 420mm

    *VX models - Pan Size: 650mm x 500mm

    More Information
    • The NEMA 4X/IP66 Stainless Steel indicator is built to endure tough industrial elements. The 58-hour rechargeable battery offers continuous operation for multi-day operations
    • Durable construction with a 304 Stainless Steel platform, Stainless Steel tubular frame, column, and indicator bracket, and IP67 Stainless Steel load cell

    Ohaus Defender Stainless 3000 Brochure

    D32WX30VR D32WX60VR D32WX60VL D32WX150VL D32WX150VX D32WX300VX
    Capacity (kg) 30 60 60 150 150 300
    Trade Approved Divisions (g) 10 20 20 50 50 100
    Non-Trade Divisions (g) 2 5 5 10 10 20
    Platform Dimensions (mm) 305 x 355 x 123 305 x 355 x 123 420 x 550 x 136 420 x 550 x 136 500 x 650 x 147 500 x 650 x 147
    Protection Rating IP65
    Weight Display 6-digit, 7-segment backlit LCD, 25mm high digits
    Stabilization Time Within 2 seconds
    Power 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz internal switching power supply with internal rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery (58-hour typical operation with full charge)
    Interface Bidirectional RS232C
    Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 40°C, maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C, non condensing
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